I can't tell you the number of times I've needed a good clean suburban atmos to fill out a scene. I've got plenty in my sfx collection, but not a whole lot that are local to Australia. So I thought I'd remedy that!

This collection covers a variety of locations, from quieter suburbs with a gentle breeze, a distant dog, some crickets perhaps and maybe a few birds, to the more densely populated areas, where the traffic and background noise is much higher and some construction is always going on. There some nighttime stuff in there, some ocean side, some with nature at it's finest and even lawnmower and whipper snipper recordings so you can layer it all up.

All recorded at 24bit/96kHz, the library is 2.5GB and contains 36 tracks.


1 BALMORAL BEACH Bayside Waves, Motor Boat leaving, distant voices and child and Birds 03:16
2 BALMORAL BEACH Park With Birds and Buses 03:10
3 BALMORAL BEACH Park With Cockatoos, Distant Voices and Buses 03:12
4 BALMORAL SLOPES Car Passes and Helicopter Pass 03:13
5 BALMORAL SLOPES No Car Passes Distant Traffic 01:49
6 CASTLE HILL Wind in Trees, Distant Traffic, Small Birds 00:46
7 CASTLE HILL Wind in Trees, Dog Bark, Birds, Propeller Plane Pass 01:26
8 CROWS NEST Carpark Under Building Distant Highway Traffic Voices and Power Tools 02:27
9 CROWS NEST Rainy Day Light Traffic and Street Atmos 03:02
10 CROWS NEST Street Ambience From 2nd Story Cars Impact Noise 01:23
11 EPPING Distant Cars, Birds, Children Playing 01:20
12 EPPING Train Passes x 2 00:53
13 KILLARA Facing Golf Course Morning Birds and Distant Traffic 02:19
14 KILLARA Facing Golf Course Morning Birds and Passing Cars 01:14
15 KILLARA Later Afternoon after rain, crickets, distant birds and traffic 02:02
16 LANE COVE Distant Traffic, Kookaburra Laughing Morning 01:13
17 LINDFIELD Local Park Morning Crickets, Distant Traffic and Plane Pass 02:56
18 LINDFIELD Local Park Morning Dog Barking, Crickets, Distant Traffic and Small Plane Pass 02:17
19 LINDFIELD Suburban Night Light noise from houses, Crickets 01:06
20 LINDFIELD Night Ambience Slight Wind Distant Traffic 03:43
21 LINDFIELD Park Birds Distant Traffic 01:39
22 MOSMAN Backstreet No Car Passes Distant Traffic Light Birds 01:35
23 MOSMAN Backstreet No Cars 2 Distant Traffic Light Birds 01:03
24 NORTH ROCKS Back Street, Distant Traffic, Slight Wind in Leaves, Birds and Leaves 03:57
25 NORTH ROCKS Busy Main Residential Street, Motorbikes, Traffic, Overhead Plane Pass 02:15
26 NORTH ROCKS Busy Main Residential Street, Traffic, Trucks 01:30
27 ST LEONARDS   Back Street Car Passes and distant air horn 00:46
28 ST LEONARDS   Back Street Close Perspective Car Parking and motorbike pass 01:09
29 ST LEONARDS   Back Street No Car Passes Distant Traffic 01:10
30 ST LEONARDS Back Street No Car Passes Distant Traffic ,Construction and birds 03:02
31 ST IVES Wildflower Gardens 00:56
32 ST IVES Wildflower Gardens Birdcalls 01:09
34 SUBURBIA Distant Lawn Mower Sequence 00:54
35 SUBURBIA Distant Whipper Snipper Sequence 01:18
36 SUBURBIA Lawn Mower Sequence Start, Close to Distant to Close, Stop 4 Stroke 02:46
37 SUBURBIA Whipper Snipper Sequence, Close to Distant 4 Stroke 03:47

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Type: Sound Effects Library

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