99 Problems But A Whoosh Ain't One


Everyone needs some good whooshing, but sometimes you just want a whoosh that will cut right through the crap. This pack does not contain earth moving cinematic slams, but rather crispy, bright, swishes, swooshes and whooshes designed for television, radio and internet use.

We figured 99 whooshes was a good start to get you out of trouble, and we've provided a wide range of sounds, from nice clean wipes and slides to more complex textural sounds. Each file contains a single whoosh so you can grab the one you like and throw it on your timeline.

99 Problems But A Whoosh Ain't One now comes with a bonus library of all 99 whooshes under the influence of various effects. From extreme manipulation to gentle reverbs the original library has been morphed into a different beast.

 All files are 24 bit / 48kHz .wav files and are Sound Miner metadata embedded. The library is 60 MB. Full track listing below. Enjoy! 



1 Long Air Slide Surface
2 Long Dark Air Hollow
3 Long Dark Air
4 Long Dark Holow Air Drop
5 Long Hum Electrical Appear Mirage
6 Long In Quick Sharp Pass
7 Long Industrial Mechanical Texture Dark Reverb
8 Long Industrial Mechanical Texture Dark
9 Long Industrial Mechanical Texture Reverb Dark
10   Long Industrial Mechanical Texture
11 Long Industrial Metallic Texture Pipe Reverb Dark
12 Long Metallic Chime Shine
13 Long Metallic Pipe Stutter Scuttle
14 Long Shing Suspense Metallic
15 Long Swoosh Heavy Air
16 Long Swoosh Mid Airy
17 Long Vehicle Space Ship By
18 Medium Air Pipe Tube Hollow Wind
19 Medium Air Raid Buzz Zip Rise fall
20 Medium Air Swish Water Surface Movement
21 Medium Appear Sci Fi
22 Medium Complex Guitar By
23 Medium Complex Swoosh Mid Airy
24 Medium Digi Buzz Small
25 Medium Digi By
26 Medium Digi Hollow
27 Medium Digi Sharp
28 Medium Dull Pink Noise
29 Medium Electric Motor Industrial
30 Medium Electronic Interference
31 Medium Grainy Airy
32 Medium Guitar By
33 Medium Guitar slow down By
34 Medium Hollow by Texture
35 Medium Hum Electrical Appear High
36 Medium Insect Bug Crickets Light
37 Medium Insect Bug Crickets
38 Medium Light Appear Plastic
39 Medium Mechanical Industrial Texture
40 Medium Melodic Tonal
41 Medium Metallic Appear By
42 Medium Metallic Shiny
43 Medium Metallic Shutter
44 Medium Metallic Swipe
45 Medium Ocean Water Wave Beach Vehicle By
46 Medium Scrape Metallic
47 Medium Sharp Dense White Noise
48 Medium Sharp Hollow
49 Medium Sharp Wooly
50 Medium Slow Down Wobble Power Down
51 Medium Slow Movement Sharp LR
52 Medium Space Fall Drop
53 Medium Stutter Digi Wooly LR
54 Medium Stutter Mono Bounce
55 Medium Stutter Sharp Light
56 Medium Sub Bass Sweetener Slow Down
57 Medium Swish Bugs Insect Creature RL
58 Medium Swipe Texture Mid
59 Medium Swish Plastic Hollow RL
60 Medium Swoosh Mid Airy
61 Medium Vehicle Pass Space Accelerate
62 Medium Vehicle Pass Space Light Doppler
63 Medium Vehicle Pass Space
64 Medium Vehicle Ship Space LR
65 Medium Vehicle Ship Space RL
66 Medium Water Swoosh Swipe
67 Medium Whoosh
68 Power up Electric Electronic
69 Quick Air Swipe Pass Sharp
70 Quick Air Vent Hose
71 Medium Whoosh Swipe Dull
72 Quick Cloth Swipe Pass
73 Quick Cloth Swipe Pass
74 Quick Complex Stutter Noise
75 Quick Dull Slow Down Swallow
76 Quick Hollow Bungee
77 Quick Hum Electrical Appear Long Tail
78 Quick Light Airy
79 Quick Light cloth rustle brush
80 Quick Light Plastic Swish
81 Quick Low Swipe Thick
82 Quick Pink Noise Whoosh Soft
83 Quick Sharp Chop Swoosh
84 Quick Sharp Pink Noise
85 Quick Sharp White Noise
86 Quick Stutter Sharp Light Short
87 Quick Swoosh Light Airy
88 Quick Swoosh Vehicle by
89 Quick Swoosh Vehicle by Dull Mid
90 Quick Swoosh
91 Quick Underwater
92 Quick Whistle Wooly
93 Quick White Noise Soft
94 Quick White Noise Swish
95 Quick Whoosh 2
96 Quick Whoosh 1
97 Quick Whoosh Swipe Sharp Grainy
98 Quick Whoosh Swipe Thick
99 Quick Wooly Chop Swoosh

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